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With all these threats lurking on the Internet, many antivirus developers have stepped up their game, by adding all kinds of unique tools and features in their suites, but a number of them come close to what Avast offers. Even if you choose to go for the most elementary protection package, you’ll get more than you bargain for. Aside from the intelligent antivirus scanning engine, you’ll also enjoy full Wi-Fi security, advanced anti-phishing steps, password management and much more, so not only will you be able to prevent virus and malware attacks, however, you’ll also have the ability to prevent hackers and scammers from stealing your precious data and spot dangerous sites before you walk in their traps.

Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Avast serves over 400 million users worldwide and has the largest market share among antivirus vendors. After developing the initial program capable of eliminating the Vienna virus, Pavel Baudiš co-founded Alwil with Eduard Kucera, in 1988, in Czechoslovakia, where they continued to operate on the Avast antivirus program. Initially, a concerted, Alwil became a joint venture in 1991, following the regime change, brought on by the Velvet Revolution. It turned into a private firm in 2010, the exact same year in which it adopted the name of its flagship product: Avast.

Despite some bumps in the road, Avast could be counted among the world’s top antivirus programmers. With over two decades of experience and more than 1600 employees, in offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, Avast can certainly provide an extremely reliable security solution for your computer and personal information.

Installation and setup

Installing any Avast bundle should not take over ten minutes, however, you should not rush through the installation procedure if you do not wish to obtain an extra tool installed on your computer. You don’t need to await an initial scan, once the installation is finished, because the installer will execute a quick scan before it begins setting up everything, to make certain that there are no serious threats, which might interfere with the antivirus later on. Unlike other programs, Avast does not force you to create an online account and log in, though it’s still a possibility. You can go through the whole installation process and begin using the program, without producing any reports.

Though certain tools may be incompatible with Avast, particularly if they have similar performance, such as anti-spam, falling such issues is rather rare. What is more, Avast does not cause any conflicts with other important antivirus programs. If you set it to silent mode, you can even work with a third-party antivirus in parallel.

You do not have to meet any particular requirements to set up and operate Avast and you do not need to go through any intricate configurations. When the program is up and running on your computer, you can begin scanning immediately. Important settings are made automatically, according to the best recommendations, so that you can return to your regular activities immediately after installing the application.

User Experience

The user interface is designed for maximum comfort. It displays large icons to help you navigate easily through its different segments and get the program’s major components. A status screen shows a large green shield if everything on your computer is in order or a red shield if a threat was detected or if there are additional issues that need your attention.

It is possible to begin a smart scan from precisely the exact same Status display, using a single click. If you would like to do a custom or full scan or take advantage of different modules, you can browse through other sections of this interface, where the big icons make them easy to see. Illustrations are displayed if you get a tool, which should make it clear what the tools in question do. When it’s not sufficient, you might click an”I” icon, next to a tool’s name, to receive a brief description of how it works.

The program places a broad assortment of configuration options available, which you can use to create different changes to its behavior. By way of instance, you can set the scanning module to ignore certain files, if you’re sure they’re safe or want to complete the scanning process faster. The best part is that almost all of the settings can be performed on the fly. It’s quite apparent that Avast was created with regular users in mind. You do not need too much knowledge to make important configurations, at least in regards to general settings.

You can disable or enable individual parts, such as the real-time protection or behavior analysis, simply by clicking a string of On/Off switches, so there’ll be no looking around the port for many minutes, trying to determine how to make a particular setting. Of course, you may even go deeper and tweak certain aspects of each element, when you’ve got the know-how.

Avast isn’t overly competitive with its notifications. Unless it is something important, that could affect your system’s security, you won’t be bothered by the app. What is more, switching to Game Mode can suspend all notifications whenever you start playing a video game or watch a film, so you can enjoy yourself with no interruptions. If you did not grab an alert or notification, the system tray icon will show a blue dot, meaning that there’s something you will need to look at. In this way, you won’t leave your system vulnerable and grab a virus infection, since you’re away from the computer and neglected to notice something significant.

Scanning and detection

Avast provides a highly rated virus detection engine for all users, whatever security solution they are searching for or how much they are ready to spend. The program adds several layers of security to your system, including basic signature recognition, real-time security, and behavioral analysis, which means that your system and your personal data will be protected against numerous types of scams and attacks. What is more, the program’s scanning performance isn’t restricted to malware and viruses. Avast can also check for flaws which may leave your computer open to attacks.

  • Smart scanning

The program does not stop at performing simple virus scans. Assessing for exploits and vulnerabilities in your system is the standard. Whenever you strike that Scan option, not only are you going to ensure there are no viruses in regions which are generally infected, however, you’ll also know that there aren’t any gaps which could be exploited by hackers or other problems that can result in corrupt files or stolen information.

Complete virus scans take longer to finish and they do not involve vulnerability checks, but it ensures that there are no infections deep inside the body, which are more challenging to trace. Though it’s sufficient to do regular smart scans or program custom scans, running a full scan every now and then is a fantastic time investment, even if you would like to make certain you won’t need to deal with damaged files, as a consequence of a deep infection.

When a disease is detected, you can select between several activities, like trying to disinfect the file, sending it into the quarantine or deleting it. What’s more, if you experience an innovative form of malware, which can not be eliminated, the Rescue Disk application can allow you to eliminate it, without reinstalling your operating system or calling a tech.

  • Real-time protection

Avast does a fantastic job of identifying and eliminating viruses, but its performance can also be focused on preventing attacks and infections. As a result of its real-time security system, you may download and open files, check email attachments and execute new programs on your computer, with no risks. Any document you touch will be assessed for infections automatically until it’s in fact opened so that you won’t activate any malicious code by mistake.

Besides verifying everything you double click, the program also can help you avoid stumbling into online scams. The Anti-spam tool automatically filters the messages from your desktop mail client, which means you don’t have to sift through heaps of unique investment opportunities that could leave you considerably poorer. Additionally, the actual Website module points out dangerous sites before you connect to them and relinquish passwords or banking information.

  • Behavior Shield

Ordinarily, an antivirus program is as great as its virus definitions database. If it does not have the most recent virus signatures in its database, then it can not detect zero-day threats, so it will not be of much use to you. But, Avast uses a heuristic analysis mechanism, which identifies viruses by their own behavior.

Should you run an infected software, that didn’t activate any virus warnings, and it tries to infect other documents or collect data, Avast will terminate it immediately, without asking you for any input. Even if the threat isn’t detected initially, it will not have an opportunity to impact any of your documents, while the Behavior Shield is active.

During Avast’s CyberCapture performance, the Behavior Shield can reinforce the program’s detection system. If you find an application being closed down and deleted, then it means you’ve stumbled upon an undocumented threat. Besides stopping it before doing any harm, the application will also send a sample to Avast for evaluation, which may result in better prevention of that specific threat. Just to put things into perspective, there are over 400 million Avast users and you may benefit from new cures and prevention measures that result from their contributions.


While there’s absolutely no such thing as an ideal antivirus solution, Avast is available among the biggest names in the marketplace. With certificates from leading antivirus testers, a lot of features and a design which makes it usable even by less-experienced users, this product line is certainly a fantastic deal, irrespective of how you look at it.