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When searching for a suitable security system for your computer, you would not need to go to get a no-name antivirus, using a questionable reputation. An exceptional alternative is AVG Antivirus, among the most famous security solutions in the marketplace. It gives highly-rated antivirus protection and prevention mechanics, a fantastic range of special utilities, in addition to a clean and intuitive interface, allowing even novice users to secure their programs on the fly. This product line is excellent for protecting a great number of devices at a fair price.

Originally made in 1992 by Grisoft, in the Czech Republic, under the title “Antivirus Guard”, AVG hit on the Global market in 1998, beginning with Germany and the United Kingdom. The business was sold in 2001, went through various changes and its title was eventually changed in 2008 to AVG Technologies, following its flagship product.

The product has a long history of upgrades and improvements, because of the company purchasing numerous smaller businesses, oriented towards privacy and security. AVG Technologies itself was purchased by another antivirus manufacturer in 2016. Now, the Czech company has offices in Europe, the USA, Israel, Brazil and Canada and, as of February 2015, there are over 200 million people using AVG solutions.

Installation and setup

Installing AVG on a computer is rather straightforward. You begin with a small beachhead setup file, which downloads and installs the other components. It takes less than ten minutes to set up the app, but you might choose to take it slowly in case you don’t need to find yourself with different tools installed. By way of instance, when you download the installation package, you’ll get the possibility to download and install a browser toolbar.

The installation procedure itself begins with a fast virus scan, to make certain there are no present infections, which might complicate things further later on. Creating an online account isn’t mandatory, but it is going to allow you to manage multiple devices from one site. Once the installation is done, you may just allow the program work in the background, start a scan or look over its configuration options, especially in case you would like to opt-out of AVG’s data collection.

Like with most antivirus products, you should avoid installing AVG along with other similar programs, to prevent conflicts. Fortunately, AVG isn’t known to cause problems with smaller solitude or security-oriented programs, so in the event that you’ve got a parental control program or a VPN, you won’t need to uninstall them.

User Experience

AVG has a contemporary and elegant user interface, with easy and intuitive controls. Important information and choices are put within immediate reach, so you won’t wind up staring at the screen, searching for a specific button. A clear message is displayed right on the primary dashboard, which allows you to know if your computer is protected or if there’s something which requires your attention.

A sizable scan button is conveniently placed on the exact same dashboard, so you can begin checking for virus infections straight away, without going through any menus. As an alternative, you can click a gear icon, to get other scanning choices. AVG places various possibilities before you when it comes to scanning. Apart from quick and deep scans, you may also check individual files or folders, removable drives, run a performance scan and begin a boot-time scan, to check for well-hidden malware, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises later on.

The program’s modules are classified into various parts of the interface. These segments are represented by clickable tiles, which give you easy access to options for controlling overall computer security characteristics, email and web protection, hacker prevention, privacy protection, and security for online payments. Each section presents two modules, together with On/Off switches, which provides you the chance of enabling and disabling them with one click.

In some instances, such as the ransomware protection, you’ll need to go somewhat deeper, into a configurations menu, where you might tweak the module to your own liking. However, everything can be done on the fly, simply by clicking a few switches or radio buttons, so you won’t experience any type of complications, even when you aren’t a tech-savvy person.

All significant components are configured and enabled by default, according to the best recommendations. When the antivirus is up and running, you can just let it work in the background and return to your routine activities. The plan will constantly monitor for signs of virus or hacker attacks and it’ll react accordingly if they happen, so you don’t need to consider protection and disrupt your work.

Upgrades are performed mechanically and, if you do not schedule automatic virus scans, then the application will sometimes remind you that you have not scanned your computer in quite a long time. You can even see how much time has passed since the last update and the final scan, on the program’s most important dashboard, so you’ll always know if your computer could be in danger.

The best part is that AVG leaves a tiny footprint on your computer’s performance. Your regular activities will not be affected by the antivirus so that you can continue to work, play or surf the net as usual. Though it doesn’t include a committed Gaming Mode, the app does not really need one. If you still feel the need for some additional memory or processing power, you might reconfigure AVG’s behavior, from aggressive scanning into a more passive one.

Scanning and detection

AVG incorporates all of the modern defense methods, to protect your computer and your personal information from viruses or hacker attacks. It starts with the conventional scanning and matching files from a database of known malware signatures. This is reinforced by its own real-time protection and heuristic evaluation mechanisms, which operate continuously in the background, to make certain that nothing you click on will affect your computer in a terrible way.

The program is capable of discovering new and undocumented threats, according to their suspicious behavior. At these times, the infected files will be uploaded to AVG for evaluation and a new definition upgrade will be made accessible for all users.

  • Comprehensive Scanning

While many antivirus products provide you with quick, complete and custom scanning modes and a couple of scheduling choices for good measure, AVG puts more functions available. Aside from the normal quick, custom and deep scanning modes, you get committed DVD and USB scanning options, so you can always check a disk or a USB flash drive for infections until you copy anything for your computer.

Running a performance scan is a fantastic way to discover issues which make your computer run quicker and if there are any junk files that have to be removed. A more interesting option, which you do not see in all antivirus products, is Boot-Time Scanning. If triggered, AVG will run a malware scan the next time you turn on your computer, before Windows starts up. This is a fantastic way to check for well-hidden malware and cope with hardened viruses, which can not be eliminated while the operating system is operating.

  • Real-time Protection

AVG’s real-time defense is put together by several modules, known as shields. Each shield is designed to track certain things, like documents, emails, downloaded files, program behavior and so forth. This means for you, the consumer, is that anything you click on will be automatically checked for infections in the background, so you don’t need to be paranoid and manually scan each and every file until you open it.

The program’s protection does not stop at files that are local. It automatically checks for infections if you download a file from the Internet, it verifies that the standing of the websites you visit and warn you of any risks. It checks email attachments for infections, so you don’t need to worry about these funny pictures uncle Bob keeps sending your way.

  • Behavior Analysis

Like most contemporary antivirus programs, AVG includes heuristic monitoring capabilities. With this innovative mechanism in place, the program can detect virus-like behavior in your computer, which is an exceptional shield against freshly-minted malware. If an application you’re running is infected and it unexpectedly tries to get your privileged data or trigger other problems, the antivirus will stop it dead in its tracks.

New malware is generally more dangerous as it doesn’t fit any current signatures from the program’s database. Thankfully, if this type of threat finds its way to your computer, it will not have the opportunity to cause any harm, because AVG will respond immediately when the danger starts executing its malicious code. What is more, the program will upload the infected things to AVG’s labs, where it’ll be examined, and added to the definitions database. Because of this, all 200 million AVG users will get instant warnings when they experience that danger in the future.


Though there might be a tool or two you would wish to see added, AVG leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to real protection. It brushes shoulders with the best antivirus solutions on the marketplace, it doesn’t impact your workflow and the contemporary and elegant design of its interface makes it quite simple to use, even for novices. With high scores and awards, in addition to single permits for unlimited devices, at an attractive cost, AVG surely makes a proposal you can not ignore.