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With over 30 years of experience in the market, Avira can definitely be trusted to guard your computer against viruses and other dangers that lurk on the Internet. Their security packages offer an extremely efficient, no-nonsense antivirus protection, using a high level of customization. Even though you won’t find a lot of whistles and bells piled on, you can expect to discover a highly-rated, award-winning antivirus scanning engine, which is capable of stopping advanced threats and even viruses dead in their tracks.

Avira was set in 2006, by Tjark Auerbach, but the antivirus product itself was in development through H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH since 1986, in the early days of the computer age. Headquartered in Tettnang, Germany, the company has offices in the United States, in China, Romania, and the Netherlands as well and it’s estimated to serve over 100 million customers worldwide.

The firm can be found among the top 10 anti-malware vendors, by market share, and for good reason. Their goods won numerous awards over the years. One of these received over 20 awards in 2016 alone and it was called the “Best Product of the Year” by AV Comparatives.

Installation and setup

Avira has an interesting approach to setup. Whatever package you choose, you’ll find the same installer, which presents all of the available modules individually and it allows you to decide which ones to install. It is possible to install just the antivirus and dismiss the components you do not want. Of course, you can install certain modules at any time, should the need arise. Just click on Avira’s system tray icon, to bring up the main dashboard, click on the module you need to set up and the program will take it from there.

From simple utilities into the principal antivirus component, everything could be set up with one click and it does not take long to finish the procedure. You don’t have to have any particular services or tools installed, before running Avira, but you need to make certain that there are not any other antivirus programs running on your computer. The program can automatically remove incompatible applications if you permit it. Fortunately, Avira isn’t known to cause a lot of conflicts with other non-security apps, so you won’t need to uninstall the software you use regularly.

A couple of initial configurations can be made while the antivirus for the first time. The best part is that Avira has something for both seasoned and inexperienced users. If you know a thing or two about computers, you will surely appreciate the amount of control you can have over your security system. Alternately, if the customization choices seem confusing, you may simply choose the default settings and rest assured that your system will be safeguarded. Furthermore, Avira lets you select between different detection levels. In case you have sufficient resources to spare, you can set it to scan aggressively, otherwise, you can go for a minimal scanning degree, to avoid slowing down your computer.

User Experience

Concerning look, Avira has a contemporary and elegant design and its controls are rather comfortable. Its main characteristic is the fact that the majority of features, aside from the core security functions, can be set up and used separately. Avira’s most important dashboard presents all of the available tools and you may opt to set up one or another with just one click. Even in the event that you’ve got a simple package, but you’re interested in a premium instrument, you can purchase it and install it separately, though obtaining a license for a greater package is usually a better deal.

Whatever tools you wish to use, everything can be obtained on the exact same dashboard, so you won’t wind up filling your screen with many windows. Like the other tools, the antivirus itself may be obtained on the main dashboard. It presents a collection of alternatives, on the left side of the interface, through which you can check the status of your security modules, select between several scanning options, enable or disable individual modules, take a look at quarantined files and bring up an activity log.

Avira requires very little user interaction to safeguard a computer along with the files onto it. Its security modules could be disabled or enabled immediately, with one click. Moreover, preparing and executing a scan is just as straightforward. You just have to choose one of four scanning procedures, target a driveway or make other straightforward specifications, if necessary, and the application will begin searching for infections straight away.

When you are not scanning for viruses, you can simply allow Avira to work quietly in the background. It is going to constantly check for incoming risks and it’ll update itself automatically, allowing you to focus on your important tasks. If something dangerous is going to make it to your own system, the application will respond instantly and save your system and your personal files. The best part is that Avira does not have a substantial performance impact, while it is passive, and it does not bother you with insignificant messages and prompts. Furthermore, you can allow a gaming style, if you would like to play a video game with no sort of distractions.

Scanning and detection

Like all other similar products, Avira includes conventional detection and scanning capabilities, in addition to real-time protection and behavior analysis features. It may actively scan for virus infections, but it may also monitor for suspicious activity and prevent new threats from infecting your documents. While the app is functioning on your computer, you’ll be protected against numerous threats, from simple viruses to ransomware or perhaps botnet hijacking attempts, through which hackers may take control over your computer.

  • Multiple scanning modes

Depending upon your program and on how long you have, you can select between four scanning choices. For regular virus checks, you can choose the Quick Scan option, to look at the places and elements that are most likely to get infected. Performing a complete system scan will take considerably longer, however, the program will check each and every file on your computer.

Besides complete and fast scans, you may also execute a custom scan, if you would like to check a particular folder for virus infections. Another helpful feature is the potential for scheduling automatic scans. You can set the program to do a scan on certain days, at certain hours, so you won’t need to concern yourself with regular scans. You may go on with your daily life and the antivirus will perform normal scans all by itself.

  • Real-time Protection

Whilst working in the background, Avira will always be certain that you don’t accidentally get virus infections. When you open or download a document, read an email or run an application, the program will automatically check it for diseases until the product is opened. This makes it possible for you to work on a computer normally, without needing to fear that something you’ve downloaded may lead to harm to your computer.

If you use an email client, you can say”goodbye” to spam and to those special offers which are thought to steal your money, as a result of this program’s real-time protection capacities. Moreover, if you put in Avira’s browser extensions, you may benefit from exactly the exact same sort of security on your internet email services. What is more, the program can automatically scan external USB drives when you plug them in, so you won’t risk infection when you plug in a buddy’s memory stick into your computer.

  • Behavior Analysis

Avira employs a sophisticated cloud-based AI technology to spot new malware, that has not been categorized yet. It’s basically an early warning system against zero-day threats. New viruses might not trigger any warnings straight away, but the app will detect if something tries to make changes to your system or try to read your personal files. This is where Avira steps in to prevent any harm.

When the program detects any suspicious activity, the information will be transmitted to the cloud, together with the infected documents, for a quick, but comprehensive analysis. At this time, the new threat is going to be recognized and delivered to all Avira users, through a definitions update. You’ll be protected against malware that is unknown and, when the program grabs it and sends it to the cloud, that threat will be a lot easier to find in the long run, for many users.

  • Vulnerability scanner

Not everyone can be expected to understand how to configure their operating systems and maximize their security measures. Luckily, this is just another task Avira can assist you with. The program can identify dangerous system configurations, open ports, and other dangers. What is more, it can also patch these openings for you.

You do not have to be a tech expert to work out the way to properly secure your operating system, nor do you must call you to do it for you. You may make all the needed settings, to prevent hackers from gaining access to a computer, with just a few easy clicks.


With over three decades of fighting against viruses, Avira certainly knows what it is doing when it comes to security. It might not have too many bonus features as other products, at least not without a price tag, but it does not hold anything back when it comes to preventing virus infections or protecting your information or financial information from being stolen. Anybody looking for a powerful and effective antivirus solution will surely need to maintain Avira in their shortlist.