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Bitdefender is widely regarded among the best antivirus solutions and for great reasons. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to protection and it offers various useful features. Immediate and precise threat identification, ease of usage and only a marginal influence on your system’s performance are simply a couple of advantages you can count on. It has something for everyone, so if you’re searching for some peace of mind when surfing the internet or want to make your computer a secure location for significant projects, you can not go wrong with Bitdefender.

Launched in 2001, Bitdefender struck a noticeable landmark in 2011, when it came out as No.1 at an industry-wide, year-long collection of evaluations and won AV-TEST’s Best Protection 2011 Award for users. Instead of resting on their laurels, the Romanian company continued to enhance its product line, which results in numerous awards and high scores across the board.

With more than 1300 employees, more than 600 engineers and researches, in offices in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, Bitdefender serves roughly half a billion consumers, in over 150 nations. Their products are used by government organizations, small, medium and large businesses, in addition to private people, so it should not come as a surprise that Bitdefender is available among the top 10 Windows anti-malware application vendors, globally, by market share.

Installation and setup

The time necessary to set up Bitdefender may change, depending on the available hardware, but it should only take about five minutes to finish the operation, assuming your computer does not have any present virus infections. There are no intricate configurations to be made along the way, making the software quite easy to install, even for novice users.

Like with most antivirus apps, you’ll need to go through a first scanning process, however, Bitdefender will perform this scan through the setup procedure, which may save you a substantial amount of time. However, you might be slowed down a bit when you’ve infected files on your hard disk. Another aspect to consider is if you would like to provide Bitdefender information about your computer and action. If you don’t need to send some information, you may decide to opt-out immediately, simply by clicking on an easy-to-spot button, during the setup procedure.

There isn’t any need to install any prerequisite drivers or tools for Bitdefender, however, you’ll want to watch out for conflicting software on your computer. While the program does not have some problems with Windows Defender, you may encounter conflicts if you have other third-party antivirus software installed, so you’ll have to remove them.

You’ll also be asked to uninstall your current parental monitoring and filtering program if you have one. However, the great news is you will have the ability to set up the parental trackback, once Bitdefender is ready to go, so you don’t need to worry if you have spent money on this application.

User Experience

Judging by its efficient design, it’s apparent that Bitdefender was created with ease of use in mind. As a result of the dark theme of the user interface, you won’t feel that your eyes peeled if you look at it for a long time. Additionally, the easy-to-remember design of the controls lets you navigate from one section to another quickly and easily. Essential alternatives, for staring a fast scan or doing a vulnerabilities test, are placed within immediate reach, right on the primary dashboard, so you can perform regular virus scans fast, without going via a thick coating of menus. As an alternative, you can schedule automatic scans, to run at specific intervals, if you keep forgetting or do not have enough time to conduct a scan yourself.

The program is designed to keep you well informed. Information that needs your attention is presented on the security and privacy dashboards, while significant notifications will appear either as a pop-up or conversation windows, so you don’t have to do much in the event you would like to check on the condition of your security system. The Autopilot attribute will make the software run by itself, without asking for any user input, however, you’ll still have the ability to view how many things require your focus by glancing over the program’s tray icon.

Updates are made automatically, once or many times daily, but you may also download the most recent virus signatures manually in the event you want to. Due to the manner Bitdefender handles virus signatures, the upgrades aren’t large and it does not take long to create them, nor does it have an influence on your computer’s performance. You won’t notice your computer slowing down during an upgrade, whatever you’re doing at the moment. The best part is that it does not have any negative impacts on the program’s virus detection capacities.

Scanning and detection

The dangers you may encounter on the Internet do not stop at viruses. There are a variety of dangers out there, from easy malware to complex exploits, but you can surely rely on Bitdefender to spot and eliminate them without impunity. The best part is that you have many choices to select from when it comes to fighting against viruses and malware.

  • Multiple scanning approaches

If your computer isn’t functioning as it always had and you suspect it could be due to a virus, then you can conduct a quick scan. Through this technique, the software will appear in the typical places a virus may hide, such as in the Library folders, so it will not take a lot of your time. When the results come in clean, it is possible to run a complete scan. It takes longer since the program will look through the whole system, but it is a fantastic way to be sure that there are no well-hidden viruses in your computer, stealing your data information or corrupting your files.

Custom scans may be installed as well, to search for viruses in one or more folders of your choice, which is a fantastic way to be certain that the files you get from someone do not hide something which may potentially harm you. What is more, custom scans can be scheduled to run automatically, according to a program, so that you can get your important files checked occasionally, although you can concentrate on other tasks, rather than going through the paces of preparing a brand new custom scan.

  • Vulnerability scanner

If you’re not a tech-savvy individual, you probably won’t have the ability to spot certain security gaps, such as open ports or missing upgrades. Fortunately, Bitdefender can determine these problems for you and it provides useful options and directions, to help you resolve them. The best part is you don’t require advanced knowledge or skills. You can fix issues that would ordinarily need a tech expert, with just a few clicks.

A Wi-Fi scanner can be obtained too, which is excellent for when you will need to connect your notebook to a public Wi-Fi, in a hotel, mall or casino. Since they aren’t handled efficiently and responsibly, some public wireless networks can make it simple for a hacker to get the information on your device or the system itself may be set to collect personal information. With Bitdefender’s Wi-Fi scanner, you can identify such dangers, in addition to other vulnerabilities, before connecting your device to a potentially harmful network.

  • Real-time protection

The program has a lot to offer concerning threat prevention, meaning you don’t need to waste valuable time with continuous system scans. If you’re going to download an infected file, Bitdefender will actually interrupt the document download, before the possible threat has any possibility of causing damage to your system or personal information. This is more than it could be stated about competing antivirus apps, which respond to the danger only after you download and run the infected file.

The program’s real-time protection does not stop at files. Although this feature is enabled, you’ll have the ability to open pictures, play music, read mails and much more, without needing to worry that one of these may damage your system or steal your information.

  • Behavioral Analysis

As a result of Bitdefender’s Advanced Threat Defense, you’ll be secure even if you are able to run an infected software, that didn’t activate any virus alerts. Basically, the program monitors the behavior of software and if it detects unusual or suspicious activity, it is going to block it immediately.

If you see an application abruptly shutting down and its executable disappearing without a trace, it means that the program was going to research sensitive information or create sure settings which may leave you open to an attack. Even though you may feel frustrated that the new program you’re trying out stops working all of a sudden, you’ll also feel relieved that you’ve avoided something that could cause a broken system or your personal information sent out to strangers.


Bitdefender certainly earns its high scores and awards. It is an all-purpose solution for protecting a computer from numerous dangers that lurk on the Internet. When there are other viable options concerning privacy and security, Bitdefender is a cost-effective, low-impact alternative that outperforms its competition in various ways.