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Determined by nothing else than common sense isn’t the best way to protect a computer against viruses. You will know better than to download and run whatever you find on the Internet, but contemporary threats are not as obvious as you may think. Should you decide that it is about time to address this problem, 1 solution that’s well worth looking at is Bullguard. It provides an affordable and efficient security system for your computer and your personal information, that’s quite simple to grasp, even if you’ve not seen an antivirus before.

The program includes all the standard security features you would expect from a top-of-the-shelf antivirus. Additionally, the bonus features of its different packages can come in handy. What is more, Bullguard’s user-friendly design makes it a fantastic solution even in the event that you would like to install it to your parents.

A relative newcomer in the security sector, Bullguard was founded in 2002 by Morten Lund and Theis S√łndergaard and headquartered in London, UK. In the first year of its existence, the antivirus was able to collect 3 million consumers and by 2006, that number grew to 16 million. Though it has some stiff competition to confront, Bullguard can certainly hold its own, a fact proven by numerous awards, certifications and high scores from top independent testers.

Installation and setup

Installing BullGuard is far from a tricky task. A wizard will guide you through the whole process, with step-by-step directions, which will not involve anything important, aside from creating an online account and agreeing to the licensing requirements. It takes approximately ten minutes to finish the operation, but the majority of the time is spent updating the program’s virus signatures database and optimizing your system.

Apart from Windows Defender, the operating system’s fundamental security measure, you ought not to have other antivirus software installed on your computer, if you do not wish to experience any conflicts. Additionally, there are lighter security applications you may wish to look out for, such as AppCheck Anti-Ransomware.

If you encounter any problems while installing the application, like present virus infections preventing the setup, BullGuard’s support team will be happy to help out. They will even get your computer remotely, to fix any problems for you.

User Experience

Even novice users should be able to master BullGuard’s controllers with no difficulties. The design of the user interface makes everything very easy to comprehend. The program’s modules are displayed as small panels, on the main dashboard, with brief descriptions, indicators for their present state, in addition to quick alternatives for regular tasks. You can tell by the green checkmarks, on every module, even if everything is running without any issues.

If, as an instance, you wish to run a virus or vulnerabilities scan, then you can just click on a button, on the appropriate module, to begin immediately. As an alternative, you can select different options, for different scan types, in a drop-down menu, located right near the aforementioned button. There’s a lot you can do in the primary dashboard, without going through different menus. Even once you run a virus scan, you’ll have the ability to observe the progress directly on the Antivirus panel, on the primary dashboard.

A configuration menu is available for all the program’s modules, from which you can produce a broad assortment of fine tweaks, such as placing the scanning module to prevent certain file types, to enhance performance. What is more, BullGuard enables you to change between Basic and Advanced modes, when searching through these menus, making it available to all user groups. If you are an inexperienced person, who’s intimidated by crowded menus, then you can stick with the simple mode and make only a few general preferences, which involve easy-to-understand alternatives. Alternatively, if you’re an advanced user and want to have more control, you can visit the Advanced mode.

If you would like to play a video game, allowing BullGuard’s Game Booster will make things much simpler. You won’t be bothered by any alarms and you won’t need to pause in the middle of the match due to scheduled scans or updates since they’ll be disabled. Moreover, BullGuard can make smart use of quad-core chips, to make your gambling experience better and prevent anything which May Lead to frame rate drops

Another feature you will surely appreciate is the potential for creating custom profiles, for different computer use situations. You may create profiles for gambling, for viewing movies, working and so forth. Moreover, you can place these profiles to engage automatically once you run particular applications. Whenever you want to begin playing your favorite game, you can simply launch it right away, without bringing up BullGuard’s port to allow the Game Booster.

Scanning and detection

BullGuard includes all the security features you would expect from a significant antivirus program. Including active scanning, real-time security, in addition to behavioral analysis, to protect your system against all risk types, such as zero-day malware. This means you could fight existing virus infections, but you may also prevent future attacks, so you could work or play comfortably, knowing that you won’t activate anything that may lead to your data being stolen or infected.

  • Multiple scanning modes

BullGuard enables you to perform fast scans, to make certain that there are no viruses hiding in commonly accessed places, such as the Documents or Pictures folders. It does not take long to finish a quick scan, but if you would like to make absolutely sure that your system is clean, then a full scan could be advisable. It takes longer to finish, but the program will check all files on your own computer. If you are positive that certain folders or applications are clean, you can add them into an exclusions list, to avoid touching them and make the scanning process faster.

Custom scans can be installed easily, should you would like to check for viruses in particular folders. What’s more, the program enables you to save your scan profiles, so that you may confirm the folders in the future, without needing to select them every moment. Profiles can be scheduled as well, which provides you the chance of focusing on what’s important, rather than interrupting your work, to conduct a routine scan.

  • Real-time protection

Like many antivirus apps, BullGuard won’t let any dangers affect your system, even when you aren’t scanning. All the documents, adware or archives you open will be scanned automatically in the background. Should they conceal anything malicious, the application will block the danger immediately, before it gets the opportunity to do anything to your documents. If you download a file from the Internet, it’ll be checked for viruses, before the download is complete.

The program can also check for dangers when you join a removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive or an SD card. If a thumb drive comprises malware, it could easily spread to your system once the unit is plugged in. Luckily, linking an unknown device will not pose any dangers, since BullGuard will make certain that there are no dangers on it and if there are, it is going to prevent them from affecting your own files.

  • Behavioral analysis

Ordinarily, by the time new viruses are categorized and added to a signatures database they have sufficient time to infect your computer and cause all sorts of damage, from corrupted files into an inoperable system or stolen data. This is precisely the type of issue BullGuard’s behavioral analysis feature can resolve. Besides comparing documents to known virus definitions, the application will keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

An application you’ve downloaded may appear clean following a thorough virus scan, but it might nevertheless be coded to attack specific elements of your system or read archived documents, as soon as you run it. Thankfully, if the program actually starts to act like this, BullGuard will step in immediately and shut it down right before your eyes, thus saving your precious data.

  • Vulnerability scanning

BullGuard does not just display obsolete applications when you run a vulnerability scan. The software may also identify faulty system configurations that just a technician expects would be able to spot. For those who don’t have any clue what a port is or why a motorist should be digitally signed, then conducting a vulnerability scan is definitely something you need to do.

The program can detect even small and insignificant risks, which may typically be countered with its other security measures with no issues. By way of instance, novice users probably don’t understand the Autorun function of a USB drive can be regarded as a risk, because certain viruses may attack a system that the moment such a device is plugged. This is among the several vulnerabilities BullGuard can point out. It displays them right before you, in a list, together with icons that indicate their seriousness, and you’ll be able to fix the issues and make your system protected at a minute’s notice, using a single click.


Antivirus protection is a vital element of any operating system today and it would make sense to search for something reputable. BullGuard is surely a well-known antivirus solution, especially if you look at its high scores and increasing user base. It provides affordable security measures, which you can depend on, it does everything to make your experience as comfortable and carefree as possible, in addition to a superb customer care service. These are simply a couple of advantages which make this product line hard to ignore.