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ESET’s popularity and the hope of millions of consumers are certainly earned, because of what it can do to protect a computer against malware. Their NOD32 and other antivirus products seem deceptively easy, making them available to inexperienced users, but they conceal a set of highly effective and powerful features under their hood. The antivirus can protect you from all of the nasty threats you’ve heard about, from simple viruses to ransomware or complex exploits. It can really make you feel secure once you visit your favorite sites or try out new programs.

Named after the Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and love, ESET was founded in 1992 from the founders of the NOD antivirus program, Miroslav Trnka and Peter Paško, together with Rudolf Hrubý. By that time, the antivirus itself had about five decades of progress and progress kept on coming.

NOD32 had its first key moment in 1998 when it received the VB100 award from Virus Bulletin. Only 1 year after that, the Slovak company established its first subsidiaries in America. These days, the Bratislava-based firm has offices and development centers around the world, in six different countries and it serves over 110 million consumers worldwide.

Installation and setup

All packages can be set up via a small setup package, which, in turn, downloads and installs the major program. There aren’t any special requirements you need to fulfill, but you need to ensure that you don’t have any third-party antivirus installed, to prevent conflicts. You’ll need to fill in your activation key through the installation process, after that you may make an online account, which is optional but recommended.

It takes just a few minutes to complete the setup procedure and you won’t experience any confusing choices on the way. The installation wizard will offer to scan for potentially unwanted applications on your own computer, which is undoubtedly a fantastic touch and it should not extend the setup process too much. You can eliminate software and browser toolbars you did not request, as you put in the antivirus.

When the program is installed and updated, you can begin scanning your computer for virus infections straight away or you’ll be able to look over the tools it offers. ESET isn’t known to cause conflicts with a third party, non-antivirus software, so you don’t need to give up on your favorite apps.

User Experience

On the surface, it looks like ESET does not have too much to offer, but it really has a vast assortment of tools, depending on what package you’ve picked. You can explore a number of sections of this user interface, beginning with the Home screen, where you’ll find the corporation’s mascot robot, together with a message that you’re protected. Of course, the message will read differently in the event you have any issues on your computer, so you will instantly know if there’s anything that needs your attention, from the minute you open up the user interface.

The Home screen also shows three choices for starting a scan and for rapid access to the protected browser and the Connected Home Monitor. This means that all significant operations can be carried out without departing the Home screen. Simply open the program’s interface and click the possibility to initiate a scan or launch the secure browser, to securely shop online.

If you will need to take advantage of different tools or configure specific security modules, you can easily navigate to the other parts of this interface and get the tools you want or make the settings you want, with no sort of difficulties. Additionally, certain features work only in the background, so you don’t need to worry if you do not see them mentioned on the Interface. By way of instance, while an anti-ransomware operation is included in all packages, you won’t find any associated options on the port, but you can be confident that ESET won’t let any malicious applications encrypt your important files and hold them hostage.

Though ESET does not offer an option for performing a fast scan, you still get choices for scheduling automatic scans, scanning removable media, such as external hard drives or USB flash drives, in addition to an option for running a custom scan, even if you would like to check certain files or folders for infections. As an alternative, you can simply drag and drop your files in a particular box, in the interface’s “Computer scan” section, if you would like to scan them.

The bonus utilities which are included in Internet Security and Smart Security Premium are available in the Tools section. They are fairly simple to master, as a result of ESET’s contemporary and user-friendly design. By way of instance, if you would like to scan and secure your home network, the Connected Home Monitor will show you big icons for each connected device, around your primary computer. Additionally, the icons may appear closer or further to your computer, depending on how far they are out of your router. Moreover, if there are any vulnerabilities on one or more devices, the application will indicate their icons to draw your attention to them.

Unless there is an imminent danger, that needs your immediate attention, ESET won’t bother you too much so that you can still execute your everyday tasks or enjoy a fantastic movie. Additionally switching the app to Game Mode will ensure it is completely silent. It is possible to take part in epic raids with friends and family, with no sort of interruptions from the antivirus. Also, because of the automated updates and scan scheduling choices, you will barely need to interact with the program in any respect.

Scanning and detection

Like all significant antivirus solutions on the marketplace, ESET includes a multi-layer defense system against malware, Trojans, spyware, ransomware, and several other threat types. Besides matching files to known virus signatures, the program also watches out for suspicious behavior in your computer, through the use of heuristic analysis. This will keep you safe even from the most recent virus threats, that have not been recorded yet. If you experience such a threat, the application will upload it into the LiveGrid cloud laboratory for evaluation, and all 110 million ESET users will get an upgrade, so they could protect themselves from this new threat more effectively.

  • Antivirus Scanning

ESET enables you to select from several scanning procedures. Although there isn’t any choice for a quick scan, the routine scan does not take long to finish and it is going to still identify malware infections, no matter if they’re in usual locations or hidden deep in your operating system. If you’re in a hurry and do not want to await a complete scan, you can use the program’s custom scan options to quickly assess the executables or files you would like to start and make sure they’re safe.

ESET also includes dedicated options for scanning external drives. If you get significant data on USB flash drives or other removable drives, you can check that device at a minute’s notice. You may prevent malware infections, which might result in anything, from corrupted files to stolen information, simply by running a short scan once you plug in an external drive on your computer.

  • Real-time Protection

Like many antivirus apps, ESET does not stay idle once you’re not actively scanning for threats. It always checks for infections, particularly in the files you socialize with. When you open a document or launching an application, you can make sure nothing harmful will spread to your system. The best part is that your routine operations will not be impacted. You won’t notice anything when you start a safe file, however, you’ll find a warning if the document you’re about to open is infected.

The program’s protection does not stop at files and software. You’ll also be protected against different online threats. Figuring out which site is legitimate or not is not always as straightforward as you would expect, but thanks to ESET’s abilities, you won’t need to worry about these things. If the website you’re going to visit comprises something malicious, that could reach your computer, or if it attempts to fool you into giving away your passwords or credit card information, the application will block it immediately and it’ll warn you of the threat. This allows you to surf the net as usual and find new and interesting sites, without worrying that they can hide something dangerous.

  • Behavior Analysis

Assessing documents to existing virus signatures is the fundamental way of detecting and preventing infections, but it is not enough to protect you from newly created malware. Fortunately, ESET incorporates a heuristic evaluation system, which continuously monitors your computer for virus-like behavior. If a piece of malware does not fit with anything in the signatures database, it may nevertheless be picked up, if it attempts to execute unsanctioned modifications on your system. You will unknowingly run an infected application, without triggering any warnings, but it will not take long before you’ll see it closed down and deleted right before your eyes, as it attempted to infect other files on your own computer.

ESET’s LiveGrid can confirm if a suspicious file actually is a virus and it might assist other users to protect against it more effectively. When the program detects a suspicious file, it is going to upload it into the LiveGrid cloud laboratory for evaluation and if it turns out to be a new threat, all 110 million ESET users will get an update. Because of this, whenever you or other users experience this danger again, the application will block it immediately, rather than letting it run for a couple of seconds before it tries to infect your documents.

UEFI Scanner

Though not as common as other dangers, certain kinds of malware may affect a computer at a basic level, making modifications to the UEFI, the port which replaces the older BIOS. Regular users do not bother looking over this port, though a number of them do not even know it exists, which may make a malware attack at this level difficult to see. Fortunately, ESET can shield the UEFI against unsanctioned changes. If you do not feel comfortable accessing your computer’s basic settings, you can rest assured, knowing that ESET will prevent undesirable modifications.


ESET is definitely worth keeping in mind if you’re searching for an antivirus on your computer. Though there’s room for a couple more features, you won’t feel your protection process is lacking something essential. If you add its user-friendly design and intuitive controls, you may agree that ESET is a worthy contender on the antivirus industry.