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When it comes to selecting an antivirus for your computer, you could search for a cheap, lesser-known alternative and expect it will protect you efficiently, but a better alternative is to go for something more reliable, like McAfee. With over thirty years of experience backing this up, McAfee provides a powerful security system, which you can trust to prevent viruses and other threats from damaging your system, collecting your personal information or even stealing your financial information. From single users to large families or businesses, the McAfee product line addresses the requirements of all user groups.

McAfee is a famous name in the antivirus market. Founded way back in 1987, by John McAfee, who resigned in 1994, the business has a rich history of mergers and of buying and selling other companies. McAfee itself was purchased by Intel, back in 2011, for approximately seven and a half billion US dollars, and has been made part of the security division. Briefly called Intel Security Group (2014-2017), it was re-branded back to McAfee after Intel closed a joint venture deal with TPG Capital.

McAfee claims to be the largest dedicated security technology business in the world. Even if you think it seems somewhat far-fetched, there’s no denying it is a giant in the business, particularly if you look at its market share percent, which puts the Californian business in fourth place.

Installation and setup

Before you can set up any McAfee bundle on your computer, you’ll need to activate your license key online. You might choose to take it slowly and think if you wish to allow the automatic permit renewal. Clearly, if you enable this option, you’ll be billed for a new license, once the old one expires, however you’ll get notifications in a timely way. Moreover, if you prefer to renew your license, you will profit from McAfee’s Virus Protection Pledge, by which the company is obliged to provide free technical support if you become infected by a virus and even a complete refund, even if the problem can not be fixed.

Installing the program is quite simple, even for novice users. You’ll have step-by-step directions all the way, but you might be slowed down a bit, since you’ll need to supply your credit card information, for the automated license renewal. Although McAfee has changed to a new and much better installer, some users report having to handle the old installer instead. Luckily, this will not affect the setup rate or the program’s functionality.

Most antivirus programs will begin an initial scan once they are up and running, and McAfee is no exception. Moreover, the program will also provide to carry out a vulnerabilities scan, remove tracking cookies and shred the files in the Recycle Bin. Also, a fast guide will explain the main choices on the user interface, to help you begin.

User Experience

McAfee has redesigned the user interface of its entire security product line and it must be said it is a substantial improvement. The HTML-based interface makes information much more economical and easier to recover. When started for the first time, the application will take you through a brief tour and supply quick explanations about what each button does, so you don’t need to spend time looking around the port to become accustomed to the controls.

It is possible to interact with all security modules and see what they need to report, on different tabs. Issues that need your immediate attention are brought up on the Home tab, from where it is possible to fix them instantly, with just one click. Additionally, you can begin a virus scan or perform other operations as easily, without going through any intricate menus. Alternatively, if you would like to scan a particular file or folder instantly, you may simply right-click the things in Windows Explorer and then choose the possibility to start scanning.

If you install McAfee on multiple devices, you’ll find them listed on the left side of this port, where you can also find an option for extending the program’s security to new devices. The procedure is simple and simple, so you don’t have to be a specialist to deliver McAfee’s security capabilities to your notebook, cell phone or tablet.

There isn’t any need to experience any configuration choices when you begin using the program, because most of the settings are made automatically, according to the best recommendations. You only have to let McAfee run and upgrade itself gently in the background and continue your work or enjoy a movie or a game, without noticing a substantial effect on your system’s performance.

The program can change to a gambling mode automatically once you run a video game, so it’s possible to execute those ideal head-shots, without being disrupted by notifications or slowed down from the program’s background activities. However, the story changes somewhat if you decide to run a virus scan. Even though a whole system-wide scan does not grind your system to a complete stop, you won’t have the ability to execute resource-intensive jobs in parallel.

Scanning and detection

Like most contemporary security options, McAfee is capable of fending off a huge array of dangers, such as malware, viruses, spyware, and adware. Its all-new scanning engine is capable of identifying threats with higher precision, meaning that you won’t need to give up on specific applications because the antivirus has flagged them as harmful.

  • Quick, complete and custom scans

There are numerous ways to ensure that your system is clean. You can conduct a quick scan, to look at the typical locations viruses like to hide in, such as the Library folders. As the name implies, this scanning system is fast and you don’t need to spend over a moment to complete the operation. Alternatively, if you would like to be absolutely certain there are not any viruses on your computer, you can conduct a complete, system-wide scan, which takes more time to finish and uses a large part of your resources, but you can be sure that no viruses will escape, irrespective of how well they hide.

Another way you can secure your system would be to schedule automatic scans. You can have the program check for viruses for you, every couple of days, at specific hours, and you won’t need to worry you’ve forgotten to run a regular scan.

  • Real-time scanning

When you download a file from the Internet, you might have a sense of unease and you might need to make sure it’s clean. As a result of McAfee’s Real-time protection capabilities, you do not need to scan every file before you run it, because the program will do so automatically. When you run an executable, open a document or an email, the computer software will scan it immediately. If you make the mistake of opening an infected document, you can make certain the disease will not spread to your system and damage your precious files.

The program also can protect you from dangers when you connect to another device in your network or plug in a removable drive. Whether you retrieve new files from the Internet or from a USB flash drive, you can remain relaxed, irrespective of how you export your documents. The Real-time scanning feature does not have a substantial influence on your system, but if you feel you need more funds for a specific job, it is possible to turn it off permanently or temporarily.

  • Vulnerability Scanner

Some security gaps aren’t immediately obvious. In certain instances, obsolete software may be a way into your system for viruses or hackers. Luckily, McAfee can point out the software which will need to be upgraded, so you don’t need to manually check for updates, for individual apps in your system. Moreover, you can upgrade some programs directly from McAfee’s interface, rather than opening and upgrading them separately. It’s possible to fix security dangers that experienced users could overlook, with simply a few clicks.


There are lots of issues to consider when selecting an antivirus that’s ideal for you. For roughly the same price you’d pay for a different antivirus program, which may protect a limited number of programs, McAfee can supply you with a trusted and accurate antivirus security program, for numerous devices.