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Norton is one of the most recognized names in regards to security. Having a long history, with ups and downs, the Norton product line deserves its place on the shortlist if you’re looking for a suitable antivirus program. Its principal focus is on identifying malware, viruses, and other dangers accurately and ensuring they don’t have the opportunity to cause damage to your computer or steal information. Originally called Peter Norton Computing Inc, the business focused on producing high-quality MS-DOS utilities. Norton became a household name in 1982, as a result of the Norton Utilities software bundle and became much more popular in 1986, with the revered Norton Commander. Back in 1991 the initial version of Norton Antivirus was rolled out. Since then, the product was expanded and improved a lot of times, making the company numerous awards, in addition to a market share of 61%. But, Norton’s history isn’t without mishaps. The business has been the subject of criticism in the previous decades, but it improved and endured. Now, you can still rely on Norton on one of the best security options on the Internet.

Installation and setup

No matter what Norton package you select, you won’t need to spend too much time installing the product and there’s absolutely not any need to meet any particular requirements. You begin with a small setup file, which automatically arranges everything that has to be set up. The installation wizard will walk you through the key features of this app, so you will know what buttons to click when you run the app for the first time.

Like many antivirus solutions, Norton does not like sharing a system with different antivirus programs, so you’ll need to remove them. Luckily, Windows Defender, the operating system’s default security system, will not interfere and it will not cause any conflicts. Furthermore, Norton isn’t known to conflict with any third party software which aren’t antiviruses.

Once the installation is finished, Norton will ask you to upgrade its signatures database, which should only take a few seconds, after that you may begin your initial virus scan. It will also offer to set up a series of extensions, for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you install the extensions and change your mind later, you can disable or remove them at any time, quickly and easily. Additionally, Norton may periodically ask you to install the extensions if you have not done so, but the drives may be disabled just as readily.

User Experience

The user interface is identical for all Norton 360 packages. It conveniently divides the program’s core functions to different categories: Security, Identity, Backup, Performance, and More Norton. These sections can be obtained immediately, via navigation tabs, located on the bottom area of the window. Information you would like to learn fast is displayed clearly in every section of this interface. By way of instance, if you get the Security section, you will instantly know if your system is protected if the signatures database is current and when you have completed the last scan. What’s more, you’ll also find quick options for running a scan, upgrading the database or solving other problems that may arise. Scanning for viruses or doing any other job in Norton 360 is extremely simple, as a result of efficient design and responsiveness of the controls. Though there are a couple of menus to go through, everything could be done on the fly. Even complicated settings can be reached in a moment’s notice, simply by clicking a string of on/off switches.

What is more, Norton has included a search box for configuration choices. If you can’t recall where you’ll locate a particular option, you do not need to waste valuable time browsing through all the menus, since you can simply type its name in the search box and then turn it on or off right in the search results. Upgrades are done automatically, at least one time each day, but you are able to upgrade the signatures database manually also. The best part is that it generally takes just a few seconds to complete updating and it will not have any noticeable effect on your computer’s performance, nor to the program’s effectiveness. Norton does many things to avoid getting in the way of your everyday activities. By way of instance, if you’ve got automatic backups installed, you can configure the program to run them whenever the system is idle, and therefore you don’t need to manage them while you’re using the computer for other tasks. Additionally, the program can adapt itself to different activities, which provides you the chance of enjoying a movie or a game with no dialogs or pop-ups getting in the way.

Scanning and detection

In regards to virus detection, Norton provides three layers of security. The first, and most obvious, is your signature matching system, which compares files to known malware attributes in a database. This will happen when you scan your computer or when you download a document. The next line of defense is that the heuristic analysis. The danger isn’t over if the application you’ve downloaded moves a virus scan. It could make adjustments to your system and leave it open to an attack once you launch it. However, even in case you run an infected program, Norton will detect its suspicious behavior and it’ll quarantine or delete that program straight away before it gets the opportunity to attack your precious files.

Finally, through Norton’s ample collection program, new virus samples have been accumulated from over 50 million customer computers and stored on a cloud server, to fortify the program’s detection capabilities. If you discover a virus which hasn’t been categorized yet, you can send a sample to Norton, so that other users can guard themselves against that danger better. Any new dangers, picked up by other users and sent in for analysis, won’t impact your own computer.

  • Three scanning approaches

Most antivirus programs offer a number of options when it comes to scanning and Norton is no exception. If you’re in a rush to check for viruses in typically infected places, you can conduct a quick scan, which takes a couple of minutes to complete. It is also possible to perform a complete system scan if you would like to create double-sure that there are not any viruses, malware, spyware or other threats on your computer. This scanning method takes over an hour to complete, but the app will check your system, from top to bottom and remove even well-hidden malware.

Custom scans may be installed in the event that you would like to search for viruses in a particular location. For those who have received a fresh file and you should make certain it is clean, you can simply scan its parent folder, rather than scanning everything. Moreover, you can schedule the program to run customized scans automatically, which provides you the freedom to concentrate on important tasks, without believing that you haven’t completed a virus scan in a while.

  • Auto-Protect

You do not need to scan your computer all of the time if you feel uncomfortable about new files which are added to your computer, because Norton’s real-time security functionality is going to do so for you. When you download a file from the Internet or launching a new program, you can open them with no worries, since they’ll be checked automatically. If you run an executable using malicious code, your personal data will remain secure, because Norton will obstruct this program before it gets the opportunity to corrupt or encrypt your files.

Auto-Protect works with your whole file system and with all the mails you get via a client, such as Outlook. You can have complete peace of mind when launching files and graphics, running programs or reading mails, knowing that nothing you do will result in a malware attack.

  • SONAR Protection

Though you should always update your antivirus protection, rather than relying fully on this attribute, you can trust Norton’s SONAR protection to fend off viruses, even though their signatures weren’t included in the latest update. This is what ensures that new and undocumented malware will not have much probability of causing trouble in your computer and the best part is that you don’t have to do anything, besides leaving the attribute turned on.

The so-called zero-day threats can be very dangerous since they have not been categorized yet. But, Norton’s Auto-Protect, with the support of this SONAR Protection, will respond to these threats and prevent them from exploiting undiscovered vulnerabilities on your computer.


Norton may have hit a few bumps later on, but the simple truth of the matter is the product lineup provides one of the highest-rated virus protection systems in the marketplace. Though other apps may come with some additional bells and whistles, such as built-in VPNs, Norton sticks to what it knows best, which is a powerful, no-nonsense, low-impact and high-accuracy antivirus protection.