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The Panda product line provides one of the most powerful antivirus protection systems. So long as these products are running on your computer, you can expect just about any danger to be stopped dead in its tracks. Panda comes with nearly all of the features you might be accustomed to seeing in other antivirus programs, but it brings its own distinct characteristics to the table and it does certain things differently, to guarantee uninterrupted security for your operating system, personal files, and individuality.

Originally called Panda Software, the company was established in 1990, in Bilbao – Spain. Their antivirus product was mainly intended for the Spanish market, but it expanded internationally in 1996 and rose to fame in under ten decades. In 2005, Panda’s 3.2percent of the market share made it the fourth biggest antivirus vendor worldwide. After a majority shares sale and the re-branding to Panda Security, the business continued to enhance its product and received numerous awards and high scores all-around.

With subsidiaries in the USA, the majority of Western Europe and Japan, in addition to franchises in 44 other nations, now, Panda Security functions over 30 million customers worldwide. What is more, Panda is one of the first security options to be reliable and used by authorities.

Installation and setup

Downloading and installing any Panda bundle does not take too long and it isn’t a challenging procedure. However, you need to pay close attention, because the installation wizard will offer to change your browser’s home page and search provider. Luckily, choices for opting out are clear and easy to spot, so nothing will be installed without your knowledge or approval. Provided that you do not rush through the procedure as though you were installing a simple utility, then you won’t find any changes you did not ask for.

When the program is up and running, you’ll be prompted to give your email address, to make an online account or to sign in to an existing one. This will begin an initial scan of your system, to determine whether any of your documents were infected while you did not have any security measures in place.

The program isn’t known to cause conflicts with lightweight privacy or security software, but if you have another antivirus program running, besides Windows Defender, it’d be best to remove it first. There’s absolutely not any requirement for any special drivers or services to be running on your computer so that you can install the product with no interruptions.

User Experience

Panda DOME includes an attractive user interface, making everything quite comfortable. Its dashboard resembles a compact desktop computer, complete using a handsome wallpaper, which you may change at any moment. Ahead of the Panda product line was re-named, you had to go through a high number of menus to control every module, which was somewhat counter-intuitive. Nevertheless, in Panda DOME, everything is organized much better, so that you can alter any settings quickly and easily, without spending more time than you must, appearing around the interface.

The program’s modules are represented by large icons, right on the primary dashboard. Clicking an icon will bring up a new menu on the screen, with choices for enabling, disabling and tweaking the corresponding module. You can begin scanning your system or toggle certain modules on or off, at a minute’s notice, with just a couple of clicks.

Panda DOME runs quietly in the background for the majority of the time, without affecting your operation by a substantial margin. If you run into an infected application or a dangerous site, the application will show a warning, in the kind of a pop-up, at the lower-right corner of the display, together with options for sending the infected executable into the quarantine, deleting, blocking or ignoring the danger, if you know what you’re going to get into.

With the real-time protection turned on, you need to await the program to check into a cloud database to be sure that you will not open an infected document. Fortunately, this occurs immediately, so you won’t be kept waiting for a long time. In the worst-case scenario, you just have to click 1 button, to allow the application to know what you are about to open is secure.

Scanning and detection

Panda DOME makes use of several mechanisms to safeguard your system against viruses and other threats. It compares files against recorded malware signatures, in an enormous database from the cloud, to be sure that they are not infected. The real-time protection system ensures that you don’t need to run manual scans to test for the disease. What’s more, the program’s behavioral evaluation module monitors your system for anomalies and suspicious application action. If you operate a program with undetected infection, the application will terminate it if it tries to attack your own data.

If you experience a virus which was not detected initially, a sample will be sent for evaluation, via Panda’s Collective Intelligence. This will help over 30 million users protect themselves against that new threat.

  • Multiple scanning approaches

For easy, run-of-the-mill viruses, performing a critical scan is sufficient. The application will check the components which are most likely to become infected, like specific system files, processes, cookies and so forth. By doing this, you don’t need to set your everyday activities on hold for a long time. If you think you understand where a virus may be hiding or want to be certain that certain files are clean, it is possible to execute a custom scan, aimed at specific folders. Scheduling custom scans is another chance, and that means that you can let your computer run regular scans automatically, daily, week or month, although you can concentrate on other tasks.

If the crucial scanning mode does not work, then it means that you might have a more severe infection, for that you should run a complete scan. It takes significantly longer to complete a full scan, but the program will check every nook and cranny on your system so that you can find active viruses, irrespective of how well they hide. When a virus is buried so deep that it can not be deleted while the operating system is running, Panda’s Rescue Kit can allow you to take the necessary actions to get rid of it, so you don’t need to pay a specialist to clean your system.

  • Real-time protection

All you touch will be checked automatically for viruses. Whenever you download and open a document, run an application or check an email’s attachment, you’ll be protected from spyware, malware or anything else which might corrupt your system or steal your personal data.

The real-time protection system functions continuously in the background and makes no exceptions. It monitors everything that’s launched in your system, so even if a malicious program begins automatically in the background, with no visual signs, you will learn about it and you’ll have the ability to prevent it before it does any harm to your system.

  • Application control

Viruses will need to be documented first before an antivirus program can detect them. But, Panda’s application control system ensures that unclassified threats will not have the ability to influence your system. It utilizes heuristic monitoring methods to identify applications which are doing something they should not. By way of example, a compromised program may try to infect system files or capture sensitive information when you run it or a couple of seconds after. Thankfully, when the program begins acting like this, Panda will respond immediately, saving you from the unpleasant effects.

  • Process Monitor

This feature isn’t something you see in every antivirus program, but it’s undoubtedly a handy thing to have, particularly for users that like a little control. It shows all running processes on your computer, however, unlike the regular Task Manager, it also shows if they’re safe or not. No longer will you will need to appear at a long list of procedures and also lookup individual ones on Google, to determine whether there’s something suspicious running in the background.

Besides making it clear which procedures are secure or not, this tool may also offer you a log of everything that ran on your computer, over the previous day, week, month or even as Panda was installed. Moreover, if one or more processes connect to the Internet, the Process Monitor will list each URL, which provides you the potential for tracking down the source of disease and comprehend what happened on your computer while you’re busy with something else.


Panda could be overlooking a few bells and whistles here and there, but when it comes to protecting a computer, it comes through with flying colors. Having a highly rated virus scanning engine, elegant design, and intuitive controls, this product line can help you face the worse dangers the Internet can throw at you.