Nature is present within an optimum manner, together with the ideal balance between gravity and friction, which when confronted with disasters, manmade or natural, parameters of those outstretching and enabled by Nature, she’s such an adapting. An intriguing manner that one feels forced to analyze. Such extremes, nevertheless such equilibrium, I wonder in amazement. . .such order.

When both forces of gravity and friction act as indicative of Nature, greater forces have to be addressed properly, to convert natural disasters to favorable adaptation to restore exactly the identical way our minds have the capability to function when we have to manage disasters, altering kinetic minds to thermal, believing heads, to ease resolve in fluid or dry troubles. It’s in this manner that Nature transforms energy to produce order and harmony. An individual would almost think that Nature has a mind of her own.

This mentality is coefficient to attain balance, I’ve learned this, it’s compulsory for her development and has to be allowed for at striking the best balance in Nature. It’s inside this allowance because of its extreme limits she occasionally necessarily loses ground in pursuit of her fantasies, occasionally even having to cling to the avalanche of her will. This nurtures tolerant notions and awareness is born essentially, leading to the clear-thinking brainpower that Nature is capable of and exhibits.

Earthquakes fear her shake no anxiety from her for Nature is daring. Angry shots ravish her hemisphere, but that serves to quench her thirst, for Nature aspires to greatness with elegance and overcomes any resistance. Pride and excitement flooding her, but not drown her security, for Nature are humble. Green-eyed tornadoes spin jealousy inside, but she resists, for Nature understands her magnificent potential. Worldly volcanoes erupt vague lava, but in almost any hard axioms she could still decode, for Nature is fair. Drought drains the ecosystems, but she becomes dried, for Nature beverages sunlight and develops wisely. Hailstorms and blizzards shout complaints consistently, however, she endures,

For Nature understands understanding. Forests burn, is located evaporate, but she stays individual, for Nature stands and watches.

Mankind wastes off abilities, selfishly constructing monuments, however she shares hers with all the less fortunate, for Nature puts out her hands to catch the fullness of gratitude and rests. For Nature understands that gluttony expands her world, which collapses, weakness, and asymmetry activate dark energy; this is the character of this sort, which closes in on her entire terrain landslides. When that happens, Nature corrects adjusts and herself. . .creating better symmetry than previously to recenter and consequently regain her best balance to wholeness and fullness.

Nature understands mystically it is disrupted, the equilibrium. She feels. Tsunamis swallow her heartbeat, sandstorms blur her vision, and valuable life slides. Manmade disasters also cripple her entire world and people perish. People are being murdered by the unnatural, deceitful pandemonium of kidnapping, drug/human trafficking, poverty, famine, disease, pollution, terrorism, pandemics, and radiation flows. Crises that irritate her folks, that orgasm into vulnerability. This is the result of interrupting Nature’s equilibrium, the augmented fact, of a powerless, coy soul and its destiny. This is the species that Nature can neither control nor bear, but have to embrace the mindset in pursuit of survival/evolution.

To counteract these idiosyncrasies, Nature has to be ready to steer powerful, to withstand currents of the seas, to be resilient to wind erosion, to be charged in the surface of gravity and friction. It’s in this manner that Nature learns despite being changed by intervention, to be sensible, temperate, and moderate, to flourish, change, live, retaliate, correct, adapt, persist, grow, conquer, grow and evolve. Subsequently, Nature resides in bliss, forever.

As adventures are push, she metabolizes a dumb feeling, of pleasure, love, and universal admiration that’s undebatable. Her mountains encircle her with positive energy, the abstract quantum of it. Safe and encouraged, she’s empowered and her soul and mind are blown to whirlwinds that traveling to other universes and rear, while lively, active towns, tranquil countrysides, beaches, keep the sufficient balance that Nature yearns for. Nature knows the power of multi-verses, the sun, stars, moon, planets, galaxies, rain gods, hope, love, and faith. She believes in her own power to shape that she will turn into, realizing the power of five forces which tug at her toes and mind. . .four that allow her travel, purpose, and motive, although some say she’s none, and yet another Good force that sends it, she then consciously determines it.

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